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Born in Ankara, Turkey 1975, Dental education at Ankara University 1998, start of specialty education in the field of Prosthodontics till 2005: the Doctorate thesis being: “The Bond Strength of Resin Cement to All Ceramics with Different Surface Treatment.”

Different stages of practical and steady work in the field of dentistry and oral health work, including military service at the Turkish Naval Forces Golcuk Military Hospital in the field of Prosthodontics to follow an assignment at the Ministry of Health and also Cadde Dental Center, Izmir where I served as prosthodontist and implantologist. Up to date I am practicing my specialty as prosthodontist at the German Dental Centre, Qatar.

I have been focusing on Esthetical Dentistry and combining it to sophisticated Implantology encompassing sinus lift, ridge augmentation, and immediate load in implant surgery. To enhance the esthetical outcome, I emphasize the computer-aided Digital Smile Design and minimal invasive smile build up.

Coping up with the staggering and continuous improvement in the field of dentistry, I am working for the time being on non-metal solutions for all ceramic restorations including application of soft tissue laser to support the whole process of implant supported esthetical restorations. I would like to mention that I took on myself the ambition to assist the patients’ suffering under dentist anxiety/phobia with remarkable good success rate.