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Teeth Whitening Bleaching

Office Bleaching & HomeBleaching

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Teeth Whitening

Fortunately, you can take simple steps to prevent stains and you can erase them with professional teeth whitening at German Dental Centre with Dr.Burak Gokdeniz.

Office Bleaching

  • The treatment itself takes only about an hour or less at our office. We will place a guard around your gums and then apply the whitening gel to your teeth. The light is exposed to the gel to activate it. The great thing about Opalescence whitening system is that right away, as soon as you step out of the office, you'll be able to show off a dazzling white smile.

Home Bleaching

  • Customized take-home kits: We offer a custom take-home whitening kit with each Opalescence treatment. The teeth trays look like the trays you can buy at drugstores, but they fit your teeth perfectly to ensure all of the curves and ridges of your teeth are whitened evenly. This way, you can touch up your Opalescence results as time goes by. In other cases, we provide the whitening kit alone, independent of office bleaching, for people want to whiten their teeth over a couple weeks, in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

Dr. Burak GOKDENIZ ,. DDS,. PhD Dentist - Prosthodontist Licence No:8272 Professional titles: Doctor of Dental Surgery, PhD. Specialist in Prosthodontics (PhD.)(Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry Department of Prosthetic Dentistry / Ankara, Turkey)