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(DSD) Digital Smile Design

"Before and After" all with the help of pure photography, no dental work has started yet

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In todays society, people desire having naturally beautiful smiles that are in harmony with their physical characteristics and expressive of their personalities. As a doctor that utilizes Digital Smile Design, we must be acutely aware of the many factors associated with developing a smile that goes beyond traditional dentistry. It takes an artistic vision and the ability to harness new technology to become a great designer of digital smiles.

Digital Smile Design is a systematic approach to consistently achieve functional and esthetic dentistry. It allows for diagnosis, communication, treatment planning and execution in a proven predictable way.



The concept is based on analysis of the patient’s facial and dental proportions. By using a series of high resolution digital photos and videos we are able to develop a deep understanding of the relationship of the teeth, gums, and lip with the rest of the face. Facial features that express emotion are analyzed to design the smile. Drawings are made on the digital photos to record measurements that translate to the desired characteristics of the smile. These photos are then used to communicate with the laboratory to fabricate a mold that is used to show the patient their new smile in their mouth.


“With Digital Smile Design, the patient becomes the co-author of their smile, allowing them to have input in their desires, expectations, color, shape and ultimately the end result.”

Dr. Burak GOKDENIZ ,. DDS,. PhD Dentist - Prosthodontist Licence No:8272 Professional titles: Doctor of Dental Surgery, PhD. Specialist in Prosthodontics (PhD.)(Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry Department of Prosthetic Dentistry / Ankara, Turkey)