Porcelain - Fused - to - Metal | PFM | Dr. Burak GOKDENIZ

(PFM) Porcelain - Fused - to - Metal


 A hybrid construction type where a porcelain covering encases a metal substructure. These crowns can provide both good aesthetics and strength. When they're constructed, the dental technician first makes a thin thimble of metal that fits over the tooth. A veneering of porcelain is then fused over it in a high-heat oven, giving the crown both it's tooth-like shape and color.


Dr. Burak GOKDENIZ ,. DDS,. PhD Dentist - Prosthodontist Licence No:8272 Professional titles: Doctor of Dental Surgery, PhD. Specialist in Prosthodontics (PhD.)(Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry Department of Prosthetic Dentistry / Ankara, Turkey)